A last minute crisis averted!

So, as I was reviewing the final FINAL print edit of The Human, I asked my husband (who doubles as my attorney), how I needed to credit the lyrics I’d used in my book – specifically, Merle Haggard’s,… Read More

I have a cover!

YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS!!! I HAVE A COVER!!!! Betsy did an amazing job on the art – I love love love it! Just what I wanted – she saw into my head perfectly! You can see her previous… Read More

The Digital Revolution

A couple of interesting things I’ve come across in the last month to do with self-publishing & eBooks sales: eBook Sales have tripled in the last year. – Which is fantastic news for all authors – well, those… Read More

My Origin’s Schedule

As I’ve posted before, I’ll be launching my first YA Lit novel, War of the Seasons: The Human at Origins Game Fair June 22nd-26th, 2011. One of the really exciting things I’ll get to do there is be… Read More

Concept art

I spoke with my cover artist, Betsy, today to see if she minded me posting her concept art for my cover. She said to go for it! So here goes, but please keep a few things in mind:… Read More

On book covers

Who knew that actually giving input on your book cover could be both FUN and ANXIETY ridden? Part of the reason that I want to go the self-publishing route is that I am a control enthusiast (or freak,… Read More