What’s in a name? pt. 2

In my quest to delay actually starting on the final draft of my most recent novel, I give you a blog post. Last year I received many questions about my last name, Spendlove, so I went into that… Read More

Fiver’s Flamingos – a worthy cause!

How does one start something like this? I guess you go back to the beginning, which in this case would be Mel, AKA Fiver, and we are her Flamingos. Back in 2007, our friend Mel ( , AKA… Read More

ShevaCon 2012 wrap-up

I give you my fangirl moment of the weekend: Timothy Zahn (author of Heir to the Empire and several other Star Wars novels), me, and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy). This past weekend… Read More