My very own Rue, a Hunger Games Fashion (er, costume) Post

I realized tonight how old I am – 10pm rolled around and my eyes were heavy & I thought how in the world am I going to make it to midnight?

But I did, and of course went to see the The Hunger Games in costume (because that’s how I roll).

But before I go off on a tangent let me just say that YES I LOVED THIS FILM. It was probably one of the best film adaptations of a book I’ve ever seen. Everyone played their parts perfectly, and Effie Trinket stole the show for me!

I cannot wait for Catching Fire!

Now back to costumes. The Hunger Games trilogy, aside from being a set of books that both my husband and I adored, were also the first books our daughter loved – they were her “gateway books” if you will, and she is always reading now. You have no idea how happy this makes me (or perhaps you do :) ).

As soo as she finished reading The Hunger Games she asked me if I would make her a Rue costume. Um YES. Given that she was 12 years old, Rue’s exact age? HECK YES. SO, one weekend before Christmas I whipped out a Rue costume for the Youngling, a Katniss for myself, and Peeta for my husband, because why NOT make it a family affair?

And it just so happened that we spent Christmas right near where they filmed the movie in North Carolina, so of course we HAD to get pictures.


We took a bunch more, but I’ve spammed you enough. Also it’s past 3am & I have work in the morning.

Anyways, GO SEE THE FILM. Or better yet, READ THE BOOK! Actually, DO BOTH!

For those of you going to MidSouthCon, I’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW!


Lastly, need a copy of my books? As it happens you can buy them here.

I just sent the final draft of War of the Seasons: The Half-Blood to my editor…