Songs of the Seasons, Song Two: White Flag

A light knock sounded at the door. Anxiety and anticipation tore through Eilath. Ever since arriving at the queen’s island, the elf had been both dreading and hoping for this moment. When his eyes had first met hers… Read More

RavenCon wrap up

Last weekend I was a guest at RavenCon for the second time – the first time being a few years ago where I was a costuming guest. It was wonderful to come back to RavenCon, and the best… Read More

Thrifty fashion: Butterflies, Vintage, and Flowers

A couple of things before I get into my fashion post. First off, you know I like to run right? No? Well, I do. If you want a full report on the races I run you can read… Read More

March in review (yes I know we’re 1/2 way through April)

Since I prepare these for family and friends, I figured I’d post theme here too, to let you know what’d been going on & where you can see me next. Professional: USMC: Working at the Capitol as a… Read More

Happy Birthday Ron-Ron!

Enjoy your last year in your 30’s sweetie!

FREE Book Giveaway for Public Libraries & some Vintage Fashion

That’s right! To honor my many librarian friends, and all the wonderful public libraries that fed my desire read as I grew up, I’m giving away 10 copies of my book,War of the Seasons, book one: The Human… Read More

MidSouthCon wrap up

Whew, yeah I know MidSouthCon was over a week ago, but what can I say? Work has been nuts. Between my new job, moving (and all that entails), finishing up a bunch of writing projects (while others stare… Read More