Checking in…


So, life has been hectic. Aside from loads of travel (which I do for both of my careers, Marine and Author) we also moved this month, and things have just been crazy (I’m hopelessly behind on my email).

April Update… Here goes!

WRITING: The Audio book for the human is done & I found a distributor! WEEEE! Now If I could only find the time to actually DO all the things I need to do for it.

I honestly haven’t done anything else re: writing. I simply haven’t had the time – my Marine & family needs (along with the move) have sucked up most of my available time. Honestly, if running wasn’t currently a part of my job I don’t know when I’d find the time to do it!

Hobbies: What are hobbies? 😉

-Running- One race this month – the GW Parkway classic. It was lovely, and while I didn’t PR, I still had a good race. Ron posted fully about it on his blog (We ran another race this weekend and it was a brutal 1/2 marathon. Don’t know if I’ll be able to walk properly tomorrow). As far as my training, I’ve honestly been slacking. I’m lucky if I get two runs in a week & it shows! I need to get better about that. Marathon training officially kicks off on the 15th – WOOHOO!

-Books read (something it seems I now only have time to do while I travel): I read the sequel to a friend’s book about nerdy, not good looking, not svelte/thin/muscular vampires that are the good guys. It was hilarious, super fast & fun, and I highly recommend it. Plus it’s called A Hard Day’s Knight, and reference to a Beatle’s song? WIN. Back in Black – so fun!

I finally read His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire, Book 1). You guys, IT”S AMAZING! It’s the napoleonic wars retold, only with an air force of DRAGON RIDERS! I’ve not been this excited about a book series since The Hunger Games! Also, apparently Peter Jackson optioned the movie rights!!!

Health: So far so good – I’m just super sore from this weekend’s race. Tomorrow will be hard to walk! Ron managed to throw his back out though & had to miss a race (American Oddesey) :( He’s thankfully doing much better now, though, and was able to run today finally.

Travel: RavenCon in Baltimore, Jacksonville, NC, & Waynesville, NC. Oh, AND WE MOVED. I HATE HATE HATE MOVING. A lot. But I love living in the city now. :) Capitol Hill is a GREAT place to live!

Local Events: 2 local races – YAY! Ron and I are making a commitment to only run local races while we live in DC (aside from Disney races), because given that there are SO MANY good local races we really don’t need to go far to run! Also, given that RavenCon was in Richmond, we’ll consider that local-ish.

RON IS NOW 39!!!

-ConCarolinas (Jun)
-33rd BDay (Jun)
-Birthday 15K Race (Jun)
-California (Jun)
-Utah (Jul)

And that’s enough for now…

If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, GO SEE IT NOW!


Lastly, need a copy of my books? As it happens you can buy them here.