2012 year in review & some resolutions

I love doing retrospectives like this – it’s a great way to reflect on the year & take stock in my life, etc. It really puts things in perspective. Often I’ve thought that I had a horrid year,… Read More

Thrifty Fashion, a post for Jill

Several weeks ago my friend Jill gently reminded me that I hadn’t done a Thrifty Fashion post in a long while, so I am doing one now for her. Happy Christmas everyone! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You… Read More

A guest post from Author, Marianna Roberg

Many years ago, when I was 18 (it was in the last century!) I discovered a wonderful thing called “fanfic.” I read and read and got my Star Wars and X-files fix, and in doing so, made friends… Read More

A Writer’s Workshop

We held our 4th annual Writer’s Workshop that my husband and I host in our home. The players change a bit every year, but we’ve have some consistency as well. The original members at this point are me,… Read More

Geek Media Expo wrap up

I know I haven’t updated recently – long story short my website was having all sorts of problems, but seems to be working just fine now. Sooooo right before Halloween I was a guest again at Geek Media… Read More