Geek Media Expo wrap up

I know I haven’t updated recently – long story short my website was having all sorts of problems, but seems to be working just fine now.

Sooooo right before Halloween I was a guest again at Geek Media Expo (GMX) and it was once again AWESOME.

We took out whole family and on Saturday night the 4 of us dressed up as the Avengers – Captain America, Nikki Fury, Tony Stark, and yours truly as Thor.

The costumes were very well received and I think we may have our Christmas card photo. :)

First off, super big thanks to Mandi for being my hero & picking me up at the airport. You rock girl!

On of the first people I ran into? Bruce and Patricia! <3 them so much! We got to have a table right next to them, and it was nice to be able to see so much of them. In case you forgot (though how could you?), Patricia was the voice of Pizzaz on Jem (among other awesome roles), and she did the narration on the audio book for The Human (which was recorded/mixed/produced by Bruce).





I managed to get my hands on an advanced review copy of Timothy Zahn’s upcoming Star Wars novel, Scoundrels. I LOVED it and my review is here.


One aspect of this year’s GMX that made it so much more fun for me is that my very good friend and fantastic author, Bryan Young, was also a guest at GMX. If you haven’t check out his work you ought to. His most recent book, Operation Montauk, has velociraptors, Nazis, time travel, space ships, and a monkey. In short, it’s AWESOME. Oh, and this is Bryan the guy in the background with the Boba Fett hoodie.

The highlight of the weekend for me was on Saturday. I was asked to conduct the big interview with Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh from The Hunger Games). Of course I was only too thrilled to do so! It was a lot of fun and a full report of the interview can be found here.

Naturally, I’m very partial to this picture of Dayo.

Dayo actually met my daughter earlier in the day and was THRILLED when he saw her, dressed as Rue of course, and asked if he could get a picture with her. Of course she was happy to oblige.

Our other daughter showed up later to the convention and donned Katniss. They were a perfect pair.

Later they were great as Cap &  Fury.

And since we’re on pics of the youngling, here she is on Friday as a very popular Martha Jones.












Perhaps my favorite picture from the weekend… Soft Taun-Taun, dead Taun-Taun, stinky pile of guts, warm Taun-Taun, fluffy Taun-Taun…

Now onto the awesome costumes I saw at the con – I wish I’d managed to get pics of them all.

It’s the animaniacs!

The entire crew of the Enterprise.

A Kirk encounter.

Gandalf & Gandalf

Ironman, Tony Stark & Stony Stark.

Marie Antoinette

Modern day Rapunzel… I think she needs to meet my modern day Snow White. :)

I wish we’d met this Black Widow when we were in our Avengers costumes. She was great!

The Aquabats!!! So excited to see these guys!

 And a fantastic Rocketeer.

Ultimately GMX was a lot of fun. I loved meeting new people, seeing old friends, and all in all just having a great time. I really can’t wait to go again!


Lastly, need a copy of my books? As it happens you can buy them here.