Thrifty Fashion, a post for Jill

Several weeks ago my friend Jill gently reminded me that I hadn’t done a Thrifty Fashion post in a long while, so I am doing one now for her. :)

Happy Christmas everyone!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You might be asking yourself (because I know I’m certainly asking myself), why the heck is this author/Marine/mother/wife writing a fashion blog? Aren’t there like a bajillion fashion blogs out there? Why do we need another?

We probably don’t, and I don’t think I’m a fashionista at all, but apparently some of my friends and family do, and they asked me to do one, soooo… I figured this would be kind of fun to do. So there.

You can see my first post HERE, where I go into the basics of my style & kind of what my shopping “motto” is (never pay full price for anything), and that patience is a virtue (wait 3 years to find a specific pair of $250 Fluevog shoes for $40? Why yes I did…)


Outfit # 1, Special Agenda? Nope. I just wanted to be comfortable and warm on this chilly morning.

Anthropologie sweater, $30 (store year end clearance)
Grey blouse, $3 (thrift store)
Anthropologie Purple knit skirt, $25 (store year end clearance)
Purple Penny Blossom by BrightCopperPenny (she makes geeky themed ones too!), $7.50
Tan suede boots, $6 (thrift store)
Bling (necklaces, costume jewelry on sale at Claire’s – yup!), $30

Total: $101.50. At full price would have been: approx $350.

Notes: Nothing much to add other than I really REALLY love this outfit. It’s super duper comfy, and I can wear it for hours. Plus, it’s one of those outfits I just threw together, no planning or anything.


Outfit #2, Special Agenda? This outfit pretty much came from my desire to wear my cowboy boots. They were a gift from Ron for our 8th anniversary and I love them, and never find enough reasons to wear them. Plus I thought it’d be fun to show the same sweater/jewelry/color theme from the previous post in a different outfit.

Anthropologie sweater, $30 (store year end clearance)
Banana Republic silk dress, $70 (store sale)
Wide black belt, $2 (thrift store)
Lizard skin cowboy boots, $120 (store sale) (8th anniversary gift from my hubby)
Bling (necklaces, costume jewelry on sale at Claire’s – yup!), $30
Paperclip bracelet, $2 (vendor in South Africa)
Anthropologie purse, $25 (store clearance)

Total: $279. At full price would have been: approx $770.

Aaaaaand that’s it for now. I’ll try to be more consistent about posting these Jill. :)


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