Richard LeParmentier, in memoriam

Last Tuesday one of my dearest friends, Richard LeParmentier, passed away. He is best known for his role as Admiral Motti in Star Wars: A New Hope. About an hour after I was informed of his passing, I… Read More

Ron is 40 & RavenCon 2013Wrap Up

First off today is my sweetie pie’s 40th birthday, so let’s all wish him a happy birthday, shall we? On three… One… Two… Two and a half… THREE! HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY RON-RON!!! As many of you may or… Read More

Guest post by musician and author Maggie Allen

Many years ago when I was WAY into costumes (I still love costuming, but in 2005 I was obsessed) I stumbled across the website while researching a Star Wars costume I was working on. The owner/manager/creator/content EVERYTHING person… Read More