He was a Marvelous Man (HEROES! anthology)

About “He was a Marvelous Man”: A superhero is generally thought of as a person in possession of extraordinary or super human powers who is also dedicated to protecting the public. What happens when the public doesn’t even… Read More

Guest blog post: Aaron Allston, the importance of peer review

  Back in 1998 I first read a book titled¬†Star Wars, X-Wing: Wraith Squadron by a – new to me – author named Aaron Allston. Not only did I devour the book (figuratively), but I absolutely loved it… Read More

So I saw Ironman 3…

I LOVED IT. I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN LIKE NOW! So, the best review I’ve seen about it is here (no spoilers, (unless you consider knowing ANYTHING about a film spoilery)):¬†http://www.bigshinyrobot.com/reviews/archives/51475 I pretty much agree with everything… Read More