My San Diego Comic Con schedule


Hey all! I know some of you will be at SDCC, and so will I! It’s my first SDCC, so I’m not really sure what to expect, and I know that I’ll likely be all over the place…. Read More

Marvel’s new Thor and why she’s important


Unless you were¬†blatantly ignoring the internet yesterday, you probably caught that Marvel has revealed Thor’s new look, coming this October, and he’s now a she. As you can see by the header for this post (yes, that’s a… Read More

My Congregate schedule

con-gregate logo color large

Hey all! ConGregate is this weekend, and for those of you who can make it, I really look forward to seeing you!   My schedule is as follows: FRIDAY 1800 (6pm): Diversity began with LT Uhura¬†Starting with a… Read More