My Congregate schedule

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GregnoglassforwebHey all! ConGregate is this weekend, and for those of you who can make it, I really look forward to seeing you!


My schedule is as follows:


1800 (6pm): Diversity began with LT Uhura Starting with a diverse cast and including American television’s first black/white interracial kiss, Star Trek has been a pioneer in diversity.



0900 (9am): Forever Young With a decade or more age difference between many writers and the YA protagonists they write about, we look at tips for writing younger characters that still feel real to the reader.

1000 (10am): Dr Who through a woman’s eyes All the Doctors have been male…yet most of his companions have been female. Our group of panelists discuss how the series is seen through the eyes of its women fans.

1200 (noon): Geeks get Fit (MOD) There are a lot of stereotypes about the unhealthy geek. Our panelists talk about finding time to exercise, the benefits of exercise, and ways to incorporate “geeking out” with your fitness passions.

1400 (2pm): The myth of Strong Women Aaron Allston once wrote that he felt “… that most female characters, when used as protagonists and depicted in a well-rounded fashion, constitute strong women. Of course, a strong woman can be badly depicted, at which point she’s no longer a protagonist. She’s little more than a water heater with a woman’s name.” So how do you write a strong woman as something other than a man with a woman’s name? What are some examples of strong women?

1500 (3pm): Signing with Maggie Allen

1630 (4:30pm): Athena’s Daughters book launch party

2230 (10:30pm): So there I was… Panelists & Audience members take turns telling us all the implausible/bizarre/youthful folly things they’ve done or seen happen. 



1000 (10am): Signing with Maggie Allen

1100 (11am): ROAR! Athena’s Daughters Silence in the Library’s Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters (AD) funded at over 500%. AD was created entirely around the concept of providing a platform by which female authors, artists, graphic designers, and editors could showcase their incredible talents. 

Join the publisher, authors and fans to discuss what made this successful and why so many were drawn to the project.

1230 (noon thirty): Reading

Aaaaaaaand that’s it! See you there!


Lastly, need a copy of my books? As it happens you can buy them here.