Guest post: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Eternal Wanderings

a43284bc73459d0e7be27bdd9af26d32_largeI first met Danielle Ackley-McPhail when I was a brand new author with only one book to my name, War of the Seasons: The Human. It was a couple years back at ShevaCon and there she and her husband, Mike McPhail, immediately took me under their wings and mentored me on how to be a professional writer guest at conventions, and then later took a chance on me and invited me to their military sci-fi anthology, Dogs of WarBelow is a guest post from Danielle about her current kickstarter for her newest book, Eternal Wanderings. You really should check it out! $5 gets you the ebook, and SO MUCH MORE (like one of my books, for free!). But act quick – the kickstarter ends tomorrow!
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For years fans have been asking Danielle Ackley-McPhail for more stories in her Irish-myth based Eternal Cycle universe. She’s finally found the one to tell. Eternal Wanderings follows the journeys of Kara O’Keefe, a mortal mage who possesses the soul of an immortal. She’s already saved the world twice, but can she figure out how to save herself? As she travels the roads with the Romani Kalderăs Clan trouble follows…
If that sounds of interest to you, you’ll want to check out the Eternal Wanderings: The Continuing Journeys of Kara O’Keefe –
The project is already funded and now in the final hours of the campaign. Already the following stretch goals have been unlocked for all backers at the $5 or higher level: (THAT MEANS YOU GET THEM FOR FREE!)
Janine K. Spendlove’s novel War of Seasons (DRM-free ebook) (MY BOOK!)
Alma Alexander’s short story “Hourglass” (DRM-free ebook)
Patrick Thomas’s collection Fairy With a Gun (DRM-free ebook)
Jonah Knight’s three-song compilation based on the Eternal Cycle novels (digital download)
This is in addition to any pledge rewards selected. Also, there are still some slots available for the 100-backer bonus – Prelude (Kara’s origin story)
There some stretch goals still to be unlocked:
$2100 – L. Jagi Lamplighter’s story “Foot-Sore Angel”
$2400 – Danny Birt’s original song based on Eternal Wanderings
$2700 – John L. French’s story “Clean and Pure”
$3000 – A print version of the book
$3500 – A custom art cover
$4000 – An Eternal Wanderings audio book
This one is a sure thing, and as little as $5 gets you all the stretch goal rewards that are hit. Already that’s two novels, a short story, and three songs, in addition to Eternal Wanderings itself. Where else can you get all of that for just $5?