My MystiCon schedule


Hey all, popping in to tell you my MystiCon schedule and a couple other things.

MystiCon is coming & they only have 50 badges before they sell out, so eeeeeee if you plan on going don’t wait!

Where I’ll be:

Saturday: 4pm: Raising the Next Generation of Geeks5pm: Signing Table A

6pm: Guilty Pleasures (like your fave terrible movies & whatnot – GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER)

8pm: Author Readings

10pm: Broad Universe rapid fire readings

Sunday: 9am: Look Out! It’s the Headless Horseman!
And yes, I will have all my books with me in case you need to pick up a copy.
See you there!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And in other news, I’ve got another kickstarter
YA 2015 books
I know you have a lot of questions (such as how I can have a 4th book in a trilogy) and I promise the answers are coming, but until then, you can support the Kickstarter for FREE by taking 30 seconds to sign up for the Thunderclap here. You’ll be able to pre-order the book February 16th. (The link will be live then).