My Origins Game Fair schedule June 6&7


ConCarolinas is over (sad) and I had an amazing time – I loved getting to see both old friends and making new ones.

And goodness, it’s already time for Origins!


Due to some Marine Corps obligations I will not be able to attend the first two days or Origins (double sad). :(


That said, here’s what I will be there for:


5:00 PM – Diversity in Speculative Fiction

8:00 PM – Story Hour (with Bryan Young)


11:00 AM – Fan Fiction: Friend or Foe?

12:00 PM – Writing YA and Middle Grade Fiction

Hope to see y’all there!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As a reminder, my 4th War of the Seasons book is now available!

And in case you still need to get a copy (digital or physical), here’s a list of all the sales channels:



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