My Star Wars story comes out TODAY!


In case you’ve been living under a rock you MAY have missed that the official Star Wars trailer came out yesterday, and in case you have missed me saying it about 500 times since July I WROTE A STAR WARS STORY AND IT CAME OUT TODAY.

Out today – Star Wars Insider #161, featuring the short story “Inbrief” by Janine K. Spendlove, with art by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña. The story was developed in conjuction with, and approved by, the Lucasfilm Story Group. Today, we have a preview of the art.

Set before the events of Alexander Freed’s upcoming STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT: TWILIGHT COMPANY, The story introduces the secret origin of BRAND, an integral member of Twilight Company who you will meet in the novel.

You can find Star Wars Insider Magazine in stores, or you can subscribe online, via the link below.

(You can also buy a single back issue copy next month if you miss it at book stores this month, here)

SO basically, if you watched the new Star Wars trailer and need a Star Wars fix like NOW, go pick up a copy of the insider and read my story! (then next month pick up a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company by Alexander Freed because IT’S AWESOME!)

Now please excuse me while I go watch the Star Wars trailer a hundred more times.