A last minute crisis averted!

So, as I was reviewing the final FINAL print edit of The Human, I asked my husband (who doubles as my attorney), how I needed to credit the lyrics I’d used in my book – specifically, Merle Haggard’s,… Read More

Final draft – complete!

Or should I say abandoned? 😉 I made my first deadline – my editor has my final draft, and I must say, it’s both exciting and terrifying. I know I could continue to edit and revise probably forever,… Read More

How do you…

…revise your manuscript’s final draft in a week and be happy with it? The answer is, you can’t – and I suspect the same would apply if I had a year to work on it. “Art is never… Read More

Time to get organized!

I’ve decided to chronicle my adventure/journey through self-publishing my first novel – hopefully you’ll find this useful, or at the very least entertaining. 😉 So, with my decision made to self-publish War of the Seasons, Book 1: The… Read More