“When you go” – Aaron Allston

I still don’t know where to begin. The last couple days have been both quite difficult and beautiful. Watching post upon post come by on my Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr feed expressing love for Aaron has moved me greatly. I love… Read More

Kickstarter/Pre-order for War of the Seasons, a fantasy trilogy with a strong female protagonist and minimal sparkling!

For me, it all started with a boy named Will. I first met William Snell in the spring of 2003, and Katie Johnson the following year. In 2005, seven year old Katie passed away after her battle with… Read More

Richard LeParmentier, in memoriam

Last Tuesday one of my dearest friends, Richard LeParmentier, passed away. He is best known for his role as Admiral Motti in Star Wars: A New Hope. About an hour after I was informed of his passing, I… Read More

Remembering Laura “GunslingerPadme” Jan 10, 1986 – May 3, 2012

I meant to make my weekly post on Monday but ran out of time. The same thing happened Tuesday and then yesterday morning I received some tragic news that immediately took over what I was going to post…. Read More

Goodbye to Rachel Reid

We all know that people die every day – and though we’ve all seen it, experienced it, gone through it, it’s important to remember that everybody is someone to somebody. Well, Rachel Reid is someone to me. She… Read More

Why I wrote War of the Seasons & Happy Birthday Will, TK8432

I sometimes get asked why I wrote War of the Seasons: The Human. Today seemed like an appropriate day to answer that question. If you own a copy of my book and you look at the dedication you’ll… Read More