2014 was busy


I love doing a bit of naval gazing at the end of a year/beginning of a new one, because often I’ll think the year was terrible or I didn’t accomplish anything. And while this year was challenging (Aaron… Read More

Very long and overdue DragonCon recap


DragonCon was… good, mostly? I mean, I went into it sick. Yes, I was panelist zero. I brought the crud to the con. This had the ONLY benefit of the fact that I was over the crud by… Read More

My DragonCon 2014 schedule


Wow! I cannot believe I’m about to attend my 10th DragonCon! Where did the time go? I can still remember my first one where I only knew a couple people, and back in those days I wasn’t a… Read More

2013 in review

Oh, 2013 I am NOT sorry to see you go. We had some highs and lows together, but professionally you were great to me, so I won’t complain. Soooo, let’s start with January: I submitted 2 stories to anthologies… Read More

My DragonCon schedule & where to find me

As most of you know DragonCon is looming & I once again have a packed schedule. I’d really love to see those of you that are going, so if you can make it to one of my panels,… Read More

Dragon*Con, Thrifty Fashion, & I have an audio book!

Oh hey, GUESS WHAT? War of the Seasons: the Human has an AUDIOBOOK version! And it’s read by the amazing, wonderful, talented, Patricia Albrecht! So if you like audio books, here you go! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June in Review, and a fashion post

1/2 way through July already *sigh* I feel so behind on everything! WRITING: I wrote nothing new in june, but did a lot of work on releasing The Half-blood (along with Kelli, my editor and Betsy, my artist)…. Read More

Time to get organized!

I’ve decided to chronicle my adventure/journey through self-publishing my first novel – hopefully you’ll find this useful, or at the very least entertaining. 😉 So, with my decision made to self-publish War of the Seasons, Book 1: The… Read More

Still alive & kicking, errr, I mean editing…

Yes, that’s right… I know I kinda fell off the map for a bit there. It seems like Dragon*Con has a tendency to do that to me. I get all involved in the prep work leading up to… Read More