SOOOOOO I’ve got my Farpoint schedule, so if you’re going to be there, LET ME KNOW/COME FIND ME! I want to see you! Apparently I’m the Author Guest of Honor at the Friday Cocktail Party (I’ve emailed to… Read More

The importance of author photos – oh hey, I’ve got a new one!

People say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover… but we do. We certainly shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, but again, we do. Now before you think this is me coming off super shallow and vain,… Read More

Ron is 40 & RavenCon 2013Wrap Up

First off today is my sweetie pie’s 40th birthday, so let’s all wish him a happy birthday, shall we? On three… One… Two… Two and a half… THREE! HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY RON-RON!!! As many of you may or… Read More

Thrifty Fashion: Modest is Hottest (and stripes!)

I’ve not hidden the fact that I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, aka “Mormon”), but it’s also not something I am “in your face” about. It’s just a part of who… Read More

Thrifty Fashion, a post for Jill

Several weeks ago my friend Jill gently reminded me that I hadn’t done a Thrifty Fashion post in a long while, so I am doing one now for her. Happy Christmas everyone! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You… Read More

Dragon*Con, Thrifty Fashion, & I have an audio book!

Oh hey, GUESS WHAT? War of the Seasons: the Human has an AUDIOBOOK version! And it’s read by the amazing, wonderful, talented, Patricia Albrecht! So if you like audio books, here you go! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back from AFG, Thrifty Fashion, and whatnot

So, I’m back from Afghanistan again – as always a busy, exhausting, yet very productive trip. I love my job! And of course I made sure to bring proper reading material with me: It may interest you to… Read More

My Dragon*Con Schedule & Thrifty Fashion

So guess what? I know I said I WOULDN’T be at Dragon*Con this year, and it really looked like I wouldn’t be able to make it due to my travel/work schedule, BUT though I am traveling A LOT… Read More

June in Review, and a fashion post

1/2 way through July already *sigh* I feel so behind on everything! WRITING: I wrote nothing new in june, but did a lot of work on releasing The Half-blood (along with Kelli, my editor and Betsy, my artist)…. Read More

A Kickstarter, awesome teens, a fashion post, and some news

Holy moly it’s already JUNE and I haven’t done a Thrifty Fashion post since April! I guess that shows how busy things have been right? Well here you go, after some great updates/news I want to give y’all,… Read More