2013 in review

Oh, 2013 I am NOT sorry to see you go. We had some highs and lows together, but professionally you were great to me, so I won’t complain. Soooo, let’s start with January: I submitted 2 stories to anthologies… Read More

A bizarre feeling of sadness and loneliness that I’m kind of enjoying?

I just wrote the climax to book 3 in the War of the Seasons series and I find I am both relieved and extremely sad. Like I want to cry. I don’t know if I can fully explain… Read More

Remembering Laura “GunslingerPadme” Jan 10, 1986 – May 3, 2012

I meant to make my weekly post on Monday but ran out of time. The same thing happened Tuesday and then yesterday morning I received some tragic news that immediately took over what I was going to post…. Read More

Vintage dresses!

I know I know, NOT a writing post, but hey, let’s shake things up a bit (BTW, I DID finish the 1st draft of The Hunter). I was asked by several people on Facebook to post some pics… Read More

First Draft COMPLETE!

Wow. So, yeah, I just finished writing my first draft, and the moment I wrote those last words, I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment, relief, and then oddly… sadness. I know I’m not anywhere near done with… Read More