Signal boost, pretty please?

Soooooo as I think y’all know at this point, I’ve got a kickstarter going for my 3rd “War of the Seasons” novel, “The Hunter” (the final book in the trilogy). It’s already fully funded (THANK YOU GUYS!) which… Read More

Kickstarter/Pre-order for War of the Seasons, a fantasy trilogy with a strong female protagonist and minimal sparkling!

For me, it all started with a boy named Will. I first met William Snell in the spring of 2003, and Katie Johnson the following year. In 2005, seven year old Katie passed away after her battle with… Read More

A catchupey type of post (is catchupey even a word? No? Oh well.)

As I sit here with a splitting headache from being out way too late late night at the Paul McCartney concert (it was amazing, but the jerks in the row in front of me kept lighting up all… Read More

My very first Kickstarter! Can I get a signal boost?

Hey everyone! Guess what?! I’m a part of my very first kickstarter with some names you might recognize (Allston, Stackpole, Young, & Zahn). If you’d like to contribute I’d really appreciate it, even if it’s just $1 –… Read More