2014 was busy


I love doing a bit of naval gazing at the end of a year/beginning of a new one, because often I’ll think the year was terrible or I didn’t accomplish anything. And while this year was challenging (Aaron… Read More

Sales, and coupons, and freebies, OH MY!


Let’s start out with the title that hits all 3 categories:¬†War of the Seasons, book 1: The Human, is on sale, has a coupon associated with it, and has a couple places you can get it for free… Read More

Guest post by Stuart Jaffe & WotS: The Half-blood pre-sale

I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for the talented Stuart Jaffe! You can see it here where I discuss what my musical inspirations for writing have been. He then very graciously returned the favor and… Read More

RavenCon wrap up

Last weekend I was a guest at RavenCon for the second time – the first time being a few years ago where I was a costuming guest. It was wonderful to come back to RavenCon, and the best… Read More

MidSouthCon wrap up

Whew, yeah I know MidSouthCon was over a week ago, but what can I say? Work has been nuts. Between my new job, moving (and all that entails), finishing up a bunch of writing projects (while others stare… Read More

Thank you. :)

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has read my book & taken the time to let me know what they think, whether it be through a comment here, on facebook,… Read More

What’s in a name?

First off, all pre-ordered signed books have been signed, packaged, and will be shipped tomorrow. Any books ordered after today will have a 3-5 business day turnaround (longer in the case of a convention weekend, like Origins this… Read More

It’s everywhere!

OK, well maybe not everywhere, but darn near! You can now get War of the Seasons, Book One, The Human for your Kindle and your Nook for only $4.99! The iBook version (also for only $4.99) should be… Read More