Win a copy of War of the Seasons: The Human!

Goodreads Book Giveaway War of the Seasons by Janine Spendlove Giveaway ends November 10, 2011. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win ~~~~~~ Also, don’t forget that “Girl” is available for download as well: Milt knew… Read More

A book trailer!

Yes I know my book’s been out since June, but I decided to join the cool kids club & do a book trailer for The Human. So, I contacted one of my fav bands The Steelwells and got… Read More

Proof & a Song

Not gonna lie, things have been very stressful (I’m sure my editor would agree), but in a good way, because LOOK: I’m VERY excited about my book! I’m less excited about my new haircut. Bleh. At anyrate, hopefully… Read More

Time to get organized!

I’ve decided to chronicle my adventure/journey through self-publishing my first novel – hopefully you’ll find this useful, or at the very least entertaining. 😉 So, with my decision made to self-publish War of the Seasons, Book 1: The… Read More