Very long and overdue DragonCon recap


DragonCon was… good, mostly? I mean, I went into it sick. Yes, I was panelist zero. I brought the crud to the con. This had the ONLY benefit of the fact that I was over the crud by… Read More

2013 in review

Oh, 2013 I am NOT sorry to see you go. We had some highs and lows together, but professionally you were great to me, so I won’t complain. Soooo, let’s start with January: I submitted 2 stories to anthologies… Read More

A catchupey type of post (is catchupey even a word? No? Oh well.)

As I sit here with a splitting headache from being out way too late late night at the Paul McCartney concert (it was amazing, but the jerks in the row in front of me kept lighting up all… Read More

Ron is 40 & RavenCon 2013Wrap Up

First off today is my sweetie pie’s 40th birthday, so let’s all wish him a happy birthday, shall we? On three… One… Two… Two and a half… THREE! HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY RON-RON!!! As many of you may or… Read More

Crystal Coast Con wrap up

Crystal Coast Con literally felt like going home. For about 9 years my husband and I lived all over eastern NC around the MCAS Cherry Point, New River, and Camp Lejeune areas. We lived in New Bern, Swansboro,… Read More

Back from AFG, Thrifty Fashion, and whatnot

So, I’m back from Afghanistan again – as always a busy, exhausting, yet very productive trip. I love my job! And of course I made sure to bring proper reading material with me: It may interest you to… Read More

Goodbye to Rachel Reid

We all know that people die every day – and though we’ve all seen it, experienced it, gone through it, it’s important to remember that everybody is someone to somebody. Well, Rachel Reid is someone to me. She… Read More

*FREE* Books, *NEW* Stories, *SCHEDULES* for Cons and more…

1- First off, starting tonight at midnight my first novel, War of the Seasons, book 1: The Human will be FREE for kindle (or kindle app) for the next 2 days (the 30th & 31st) in celebration of… Read More

Checking in…

HOW IS IT MAY ALREADY??? So, life has been hectic. Aside from loads of travel (which I do for both of my careers, Marine and Author) we also moved this month, and things have just been crazy (I’m… Read More

Thrifty French Fashion & a guest fashionista (plus a bit of MidSouthCon)

I’m on my way home from MidSouthCon & I’m completely exhausted. But in a good way. My con experience was great – I met a lot of really wonderful new people (see above photo), forged new friendships, and… Read More