• Songs of the Seasons, Song Four: Fire and Rain

    When the inverted triangle ailach showed up under my left eye, signifying me as a member of the hunter clan, everyone else knew it as well. My life became nothing but the hunt then. Years of arrows and… Read More

  • “Fire and Rain” (Writers for Relief, Vol 3)

    Fans of the War of the Seasons trilogy won’t want to miss this short story featuring trilogy favorites, Adair the dryad and Eisrus the elf, in this backstory to War of the Seasons: The Half-blood. Description from Amazon.com… Read More

  • “The Downfall of Dauntless” (Divergent Thinking)

    What makes a good man commit an evil act? How does a faction with high-minded ideals of “ordinary acts of bravery” and “the courage that drives one person to stand up for another” devolve into chaos, violence, and… Read More

  • “The Marine Breed” (Dogs of War)

    “The Marine Breed” (Dogs of War): Space Marines, attacking aliens, and the most loyal partner in combat a Marine could ever ask for. “Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!” They have fought for us for… Read More

  • War of the Seasons, Book Three: The Hunter

    The temperature dropped, and, shivering, Story stood and turned slowly around. A massive polar bear towered over her, his mouth twisted into an animalistic grin. “You’re sick, Geamhradann.” “I’m so glad you remember me.” The Winter King sat… Read More

  • “Slug” (Time Traveled Tales, Vol.1 anthology)

    About “Slug”: Be careful who you ride with. Especially when commuting in Washington, D.C. Most especially when you work at the Pentagon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. About Time Traveled Tales, Vol. 1: Time Traveled Tales is… Read More

  • “Stupendous Sparkle” (A Hero By Any Other Name anthology)

    About “Stupendous Sparkle”: What defines a superhero? Is it their super powers or how they use them? Is it their heart or their mind? Or is it their willingness to act even in when faced with their biggest… Read More

  • He was a Marvelous Man (HEROES! anthology)

    About “He was a Marvelous Man”: A superhero is generally thought of as a person in possession of extraordinary or super human powers who is also dedicated to protecting the public. What happens when the public doesn’t even… Read More

  • Songs of the Seasons, Song Three: The World Spins Madly On

    Josh,      Surprise! I’m not dead. At least not at the moment, though not for lack of trying on a certain sadistic faerie prince’s part. But I digress – yes, I survived the fall, & injury free at that…. Read More

  • War of the Seasons, Book Two: The Half-blood

    “Spring has something of mine; he knows what it is.” She smiled coldly. “I need you to bring it to me.” “And why would I do that?” Story folded her arms over her chest. A branch from the… Read More

  • Songs of the Seasons, Song Two: White Flag

    A light knock sounded at the door. Anxiety and anticipation tore through Eilath. Ever since arriving at the queen’s island, the elf had been both dreading and hoping for this moment. When his eyes had first met hers… Read More

  • Songs of the Seasons, Song One: Girl

    Milt knew better than to go spelunking alone in his favorite caving system. If anything happened to him, like falling down a deep shaft and breaking his leg, he’d probably die before anyone found him, and that suited… Read More

  • Supersonic Saints 2: More Thrilling Stories from LDS Pilots

    The adventures of LDS pilots continue in Supersonic Saints 2 where you’ll find stories of faith and flying in this exciting sequel. This volume contains the first two Janine K. Spendlove stories ever published (under her married name… Read More

  • War of the Seasons, Book One: The Human

    Eirnin’s silver eyes, now showing hints of bright yellow, widened in astonishment as he stared, transfixed, at the red blood dripping from the wound on Story’s foot. “What are you?” * * * * * A simple question… Read More